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Real estate development is continually on the rise due to the incessant demand for housing and settlement. The demand is often fueled by the increased population growth or the migration of people to other places over successive years. Estate development is literally a goldmine for any potential investor. Bukit Sembawang, a real estate developer for the 8 St Thomas Condo can attest to this fact. There are many amenities nearby including NTUC Fairprice as well as eateries around the area.

8 Saint Thomas is a success because the company behind this project know what they are doing. 8 Saint Thomas has a lot of properties that you can buy today. Remember that 8 Saint Thomas is also close to many shopping centers and cultural venues, and this will allow you to have more fun in this place.

The development company was primarily started as a rubber company and in due course became so successful. In the aftermath of that success was the need to diversify its business hence the choice to invest in property development. It is therefore advised that there has never been better opportunity to invest in other than in real estate.

8 Saint Thomas Amenities Nearby Including NTUC Fairprice

The 8 Saint Thomas is a respected freehold development that is positioned at the heart of Saint Thomas Walk in District 09.The simple definition of a freehold property is derived from its name meaning freehold of any other person or organization other than the owner. This tenure of land ownership is hard to come by these days. The centrally located condo means that there are also other amenities nearby including NTUC Fariprice.

The 8 Saint Thomas project covers a spacious Gross Floor area of 28,000sqm.The number of blocks, number of storeys and the number of residential units to be constructed are 2, 1 block of 35 storeys and 1 block of 36 storeys and 291 in that order.

This was what would start a lifelong servitude in developing the property with great attention to detail, casting every stone with precision to set in place -the building blocks of corporate success. An eternal commitment to the utmost supply of lodgings for people in need. Bukit Sembawang Estates is yet to get a name that fits their marvelous contribution to the art form of investing and building

8 St Thomas Walk NTUC Fairprice Necessities

Like with any other prudent investment, the location of 8 Saint Thomas was influenced by a number of crucial factors. These factors include the expansive and reliable transport network available, the existence of social infrastructures including health services and educational institutions, the existence of leisure and entertainment hotspots, and the availability of water and shopping centers. For example, in terms education, there is Swedish Supplementary School and Raffles Girls’ Secondary school.

8 Saint Thomas Bukit Sembawang Estates

The site plan of the development takes into account the surrounding environment and thus you are assured a tranquil environment. The site plan has been able to also factor in the necessary amenities that would make your stay as comfortable as possible. Indoor gym, swimming pool and children playgrounds are some of the amenities that have been taken care of.

While it is true that floor plans for the planned residential units have already been drawn, there are a number of them which will guarantee you at least one that suits your family needs. Apart from that and equally crucial is that, the floor plans can be changed by the developer for example at your official request. The extensive copies of floor plans can be accessed through the relevant authority.

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