Great World City MRT Station Near to 8 St Thomas

At present, Singapore has one of the best mass transport system among the Southeast Asian countries and is ranked among the most efficient in the world. The Mass Rapid Transit system is the 2nd oldest metro system in Southeast Asia but it also one of the most modern in the world because of the periodic upgrades in its line. This integrated system is one of the great reasons why traveling in Singapore is an enjoyable experience.

Great World City MRT Station Near to 8 St Thomas

The MRT connects all the city-states of Singapore. Like all growing metropolis around the world, heavy traffic is a major concern. The Singapore Parliament has addressed this by approving this system in order to provide a convenient transport facility in and around the Singapore. The main advantage of this system is aside from accommodating thousands of passengers daily, the MRT system requires very little road space by operating primarily under-ground. New plans are already in place to extend this railway system. Great World City MRT Station is close to 8 St Thomas Condo located right next to the mrt station. The developer for 8 Saint Thomas is Bukit Sembawang Estates.

Great World City MRT station Thomson East Coast Line

The Great World City MRT Station (TE15) is among those plans that is currently being constructed. It consists of an underground Mass Rapid Transit station to be established on the Thomson-East Coast Line near the boundary of River Valley and the Singapore River areas.
This line is being constructed to address the lack of MRT station that services passengers who are going to and from the Great World City. Currently, the Orchard MRT, the Outram and the Tiong Bahru MRT stations are the more accessible MRT stations that passengers could ride in. This would require extra commute time for Great World City patrons.

Great World City MRT Bukit Sembawang Estates

The construction of the additional station would greatly help in servicing this bustling area consisting of a 6-storey shopping mall, an 18-storey office building complex and a 35-storey apartment complex in the heart of the Central Area. Since the place is also popular for tourists visiting Singapore, this MRT station can provide a more pleasant travel experience in going to and from establishments located between the Kim Seng and Zion Roads, or those that are close to the River Valley Road and the Kim Seng Promenade areas.
The completion of this project, along with other similar developments are very good examples of the efforts that are being introduced to provide an efficient transport service to residents, tourist and business individuals and will continue to establish Singapore as the main hub of tourism and business in the region.