Bukit Sembawang

Bukit Sembawang Estates is a property developer excelling in the creation of breathtaking and mind-blowing residences in Singapore. Bukit Sembawang started off as a rubber company in the early 20th century but later branched off towards landed property around the 1950’s. This turned out to be the best decision they had made since it has proved to be quite the success ever since.

Bukit Sembawang Estates Developer

The next 50 years that followed saw all sorts of beauty in the form of well-engineered property all around the known areas in Singapore. Some of these include the Seletar Hills and Sembawang Hills Estate. Their projects even extend up to Holland Road, Paterson Road and Cairnhill Orchard, where they feature 500 luxury residential units to cater for upper-class citizens. These years of work has made this company earn their establishment as a trusted developer of properties for beautiful homes possessing superior value. They are the developer for 8 Saint Thomas at Saint Thomas Walk.

Fast forward to the future; many families do not even think twice to contact this company for their developments and projects. In the coming years, their success is only predicted to continue and rise proportionally. Furthermore, the ISO 9000 Certification possessed in Project Management Services goes on to prove their undying efforts in providing people with the highest standards of projects and results to their customers.

Bukit Sembawang Estates Limited Saint Thomas Enbloc

This company never failed at providing the world with better things to look at, while providing well-built housing sites with excellent interiors and exteriors. All of the reputation earned by Bukit Sembawang is merely a result of their successful projects that are now open to being viewed by anyone as if it were a legendary monument open for display.
Each and every one of their works is defined by the considerable amount of time put into the planning process, the design features and the minuscule details that make them unique from any other creation. This is observable to and by everyone, giving them a well-earned brand name that serves to grow bigger over time.

Bukit Sembawang LimitedSaint Thomas 8 Saint Thomas

One of the greatest projects that act as a reminder of the real potential and remarkable quality behind the creations of Bukit Sembawang Estates Limited is the St. Thomas Walk, featuring over 219 units spread over two blocks. This provides a variety of houses with different specifications to many individuals in need of high-quality service, ranging from penthouses to 4-bedroom apartments.

The brand name of this company has been established not only in the eyes of many individuals but their hearts as well. This is a direct result of them experiencing the wonders that have been created by this company, only leaving them in anticipation for the future projects and developments on the way.

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