Anglo Chinese School

The Anglo-Chinese School is simply use to refer to a group of Methodist schools in Singapore and Indonesia. The schools were founded way back in 1886 by one Bishop William Fitz James Oldham as part of the expansionary arm of the Methodist church. The name of the school came from the fact that the school taught in English in the night and in the evening the students were taught in Chinese in the afternoon. Anglo Chinese School is near to Saint Thomas Walk 8 Saint Thomas by Bukit Sembawang.

The school started up at a shop house in 70 Amoy Street in Singapore with only 13 pupils, the following year, the enrollment of pupils had increased almost tenfold to 104 and the school then decided to move to Coleman Street. Between the years 1914 and 1920 the school under the stewardship of Rev.J.S Nagle the school introduced church services and physical education classes. Furthermore, afternoon extra classes were introduced to aid the students who were struggling academically in order to help them improve on their academic performance.

Anglo Chinese School

In order to ensure that the school has an assured continuity, Rev Nagle encouraged the former students of the school to come in and serve as teachers so as to ensure that at any one time the school is adequately staffed. This move was further given support by the Anglo-Chinese School old boys Association who have ensured that the various individuals who hold the Anglo-Chinese school as their alma mater are able to keep close tabs with the school and can readily be able to offer any assistance that they see the need to offer through the old boys association.

Anglo Chinese School at Saint Thomas Walk

The Anglo-Chinese School is considered one of the most elite schools in Singapore owing to many reasons, among these reasons is the fact that most of the alumni of the Anglo-Chinese School go on to be professionals and successful individual fields that they are serving in or venturing into. Although the school is seen to be morally conservative, a fact that can be clearly seen from the religious roots, they have a history of producing graduates who have a well-established literary and verbal skill in the English language. The literature, debating and drama clubs are particularly well supported so as to aid in the understanding and mastering of the English language.

Anglo Chinese School Singapore 8 Saint Thomas

The Anglo-Chinese School has a total number of 7 schools. Among the seven, 6 are in Singapore while one is in Indonesia. The 6 that are in Singapore are; Anglo-Chinese School (Primary),Anglo-Chinese School (Junior),Anglo-Chinese School (Independent),Anglo-Chinese School (Barker road),Anglo-Chinese School (International) and Anglo-Chinese Junior college. The one in Indonesia is the Anglo-Chinese School Jakarta. Some of the notable alumni that cannot go without mention are; Sellapan Ramanathan (6th President of Singapore), Belinda Ang (Judge, Supreme Court of Singapore), Benjamin Ong (Director of Medical services, Ministry of Health) and Steven Chong who was the former Attorney-General Singapore who is now serving as a judge in the supreme court of Singapore.

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