Sydney a Place For the Ultra Rich

Sydney is, without doubt, Australia’s most populous city. Located on the south-east Coast of Australia, Sydney offers a natural charm, full of wonderful glamour, hence making it the greatest city in the continent. Apart from Sydney being incredibly beautiful, it is also a major tourist attraction, owing to its enviable climate. Thus, the city continues to attract several wealthy people from across the world. Every year, high-net-worth individuals migrate to the city.

Why is Sydney a Darling to the Ultra-Rich Individuals?

These individuals decide to move to Sydney by considering a number of factors. First, Australia has a strong economy which is attributed to the transparency and stability in government operations and the availability of investment opportunities. Secondly, with the advancement in technology, the world has become a �small village. People from across the world have access to the internet and cannot go without noticing Sydney’s glamour and beauty. According to statistics released in 2018 by The Knight Frank City Wealth Index, Sydney was ranked position eleven as the best city globally, in terms of investment, wealth, future factors and lifestyle.

Ultra Rich May Not Buy Core City Centre Condos

Moreover, Sydney has not suffered greatly from the major global financial crisis, hence making it a prime market for investors to grow. Furthermore, the real estate market in this city has always been strong. Above all, Sydney is surrounded with excellent climate throughout the year, with green spaces, fantastic entertainment and culture and high-quality life which make it the best city to live in. Therefore, the rich may not buy core city centre condos in Singapore and CCR condos near to Great World City may not be ideal.

The only setback that immigrants experience upon arriving in Sydney is lack of high-end residences. The ultra-rich individuals can, however, get luxury lifestyle by residing in penthouses. While moving to Sydney, immigrants have to adjust their ways of luxury living. But that is about to change because major real estate projects are underway.

Freehold Condos in Singapore Compared to Sydney

The inner city of Sydney is being transformed by the presence of projects that seek to renew and develop urban areas in Australia; Barangaroo is one of the major development projects. The major transformation projects in Sydney are aimed at making the city an icon urban destination, and this is attributed to the increased shift by world’s wealthy individuals who are focusing towards Sydney. On an economic level, Sydney has consistently outperformed. The only focus now is to develop the city by establishing luxurious residential properties that would make Sydney among the top cities in the global scene. It’s for this reason that the ultra-rich individuals are moving to Sydney in large numbers.

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